Ron L.

Dr. Spence has helped me recover from my severe back pain. When I came in I could hardly walk, with so much back pain and pain going down my leg. He put me on the right treatment plan to get me in good shape again and to be pain free.

Grace R.

I often have problems with migraines, my shoulder and my lower back and I had been to several different chiropractors until I came across Dr. Spence. Chiropractic care has now given me immense relief from my migraines, and other pains, so that I can continue my way of life normally. I can actually move and bend easier. It also has helped me to be able to sleep better at night.


At two months old, my son had a slight case of torticollis and could not turn his head from left to right while doing tummy time. He also would favor turning his head to one side while sleeping. He has received three treatments and has greatly improved his head and neck movements. After the first treatment my son could move much more freely and by the third he was having no problems moving his head from side to side. As for favoring turning his head to one side, that has lessened dramatically.

Connie Z.

Chronic back pain has disappeared with regular visits to Spence Chiropractic. Once the problems were addressed, only maintenance visits are required. Dr. Spence takes his time and is not a “one size fits all” kind of doctor. My adjustments are not always the same, but the results are always great.


In just three adjustments, my plantar fasciitis has improved. I can walk without heel pain by using the cold laser therapy.


I have been very satisfied with Dr. Spence. He has worked on the spots on my body that needed adjusting. When I started with Dr. Spence, my back, neck, pelvis and knees were out very bad and were painful. Dr. Spence has taken care of the pain and continues to keep me adjusted where needed. I am pleased with his care.

Stacy D.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Spence’s since 2000. During that time, chiropractic care has helped alleviate my headaches, upper back pain, lower back pain, elbow pain and earaches. Chiropractic has also helped with my symptoms of Crohn’s Disease. I highly recommend chiropractic care.

Pat B.

I had a pinched nerve in my back and could hardly move. The pain was bad, as well as tingling in my legs, hand and feet. I am much better as a result of Dr. Spence’s care.


After going to another Chiropractor a couple of times, I wasn’t feeling any comfort in my hip. I decided to try Dr. Spence out and had relief in my hip. He is a very caring Dr. that asks right away how you are feeling. My first appointment I was able to tell him exactly where I was out. Dr. Spence took x-rays of the hip and told me what was wrong. Now after over a year, I am able to see him and walk out feeling wonderful.

Kathy A.

Several years ago I had joint replacement, followed up with physical therapy and chiropractic care. Afterword I was still battling a “limp” post surgery and had accepted that to be my new normal. Fast forward several years, I switched to Spence Chiropractic and within two weeks my limp improved and a few weeks later it was gone! Dr. Spence explained how x-rays were essential to seeing the complete picture. I decided to follow the treatments 100% of the way as Dr. Spence would recommend, I often lack patience. I know you can’t go back in time, but life without that “limp” is so much better! I am really glad I chose Spence Chiropractic for my families care!